Best House Party caterers In Bangalore

Generally, hosting a house party can be a fun way to celebrate various occasions like birthdays, baby showers, holiday parties, House opening ceremony and many more. But it can also be quite stressful in planning and executing a party, especially when it comes to food. 

In house parties providing good food for the guests is the biggest challenge faced by the party host as they must ensure that they satisfies their guests with their food service. 

Fortunately, Bangalore city has excellent house party caterers to choose. House party catering is one of the best way to host special events or gatherings in the comfort of your own home. 

There are caterers that offers exceptional catering services and also includes variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian options in their menu so that there is something for everyone.

Home catering for small/Big parties

Best House Party Caterers Bangalore

Home catering is the best option for small parties. Home catering allows you to have personalized and unique menus. We at Anmay Caterers provides you the Best option of having the food prepared and served in your own home. 

We offer a wide variety of cuisine options to choose from Our Menu. So you can pick among your favourite dishes that suits your event’s theme or satisfy your needs. 

In additional, it is more cost-effective than moving out at a restaurant or hotel with a large group of people’s. 

Home party catering can benefit you with various ways such as they can serve you the fresh, hot and Home Made Hygenic food immediately as the cooking is done in your home and prepared the food according to you/ your family diet. 

We offers personalized menus, Great Service, Delicious Food, and cost-effective budget.

How Anmay is the best Catering Company.

Anmay caterers is one of the best and the most popular house party caterers in Bangalore. We are known for our delicious food and excellent services. If you are looking for healthy, tasty and Hygenic food for your house party then we are the perfect choice. 

We offer our customers the Perfect catering service which includes customized menu options, live counters, Serving, and various other services. We make sure that we only use the fresh and high-quality ingredients in cooking the foods and our experienced chefs craft each dishes to perfection. We at Anmay caterers Also Creates unique and Personalized menus according to Our Customer needs. 

Our experienced team of chefs can prepare variety of dishes that suits your requirements and satisfies your Guests and You.

Anmay caterers is among the top rated catering companies and are experienced in conducting house parties for various occasions and can handle all the aspects of your event. 

We make sure in providing best catering service to our customers from the beginning of menu planning till the end of clean-up. The main focus of our Company is To Provide Cost Effective healthy, Hygenic and delicious meals to our customers.

With our variety of dishes available there is always something for everyone nevertheless of your dietary requirements and restrictions that makes your event an unforgettable one.

Our Menu

Here is the Food menu of our caterers Where you can select Your desired items and contact us for booking or Fill Up the Form And We Will get Back To You In 2-3 Working Hours.


In short there are many catering companies in Bangalore that specialize in traditional dishes from all over the India including North Indian ,South Indian, Gujarati, bengali and many more cuisines. 

If you are planning for a house party in bangalore and wants to impress your guests with healthy and delicious food then Fill Up the From Or Contact Anmay Caterers and Get in touch with us. 

You can feel relaxed and enjoy your party as We can take care of everything from menu planning to cooking and to serving. With Our Expertise and experience We Can make your party the memorable one. 


Who is The Best House Party Caterer In Bangalore?

Anmay Caterers Is One Of the Best home party Caterers In Bangalore.

What is the Cost Of catering Per Plate In Bangalore

The Average Cost Of Catering Pert Plate In bangalore Starts From ₹200 and Goes Upto ₹800. It Varies On the Food Items You Select.

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